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8 Months

13 Pounds

Hershey is a sweet and rambunctious puppy. He is great at the dog park and is eager to run around with any other dog there. He loves to play with toys and can be found digging the toys he likes out of his foster home's toy chest. Hershey knows how to play with other dogs and will initiate play with other dogs in the home once he gets comfortable. He is a kind dog and wants to please his humans. He is happy to cuddle on the couch and get belly rubs. Hershey knows how to walk on a leash, though he will pull at first until he calms down. His foster mom works during the day, so he is comfortable going into a spacious exercise pen area during the day to play with his own toys and take his naps. Hershey will eat pretty much any treat and has a healthy appetite for mealtimes. Hershey is still quite young, so he is looking for a home that will continue the typical puppy training, such as obedience and recall. He would not do well in a home with older dogs because he may be too playful for them, especially when he gets his hyper moments and tries to play while they are napping. He may bark at things that scare him or that he is unfamiliar with, so he is looking for a home that will continue his training in redirecting and correcting this behavior. However, he is quiet while his foster mom is gone for work.  Hershey is very sweet, so he may do well with a family that has older, dog-experienced children or with an adopter who wants a young, active dog. He is a larger size, so Hershey is sturdy enough to go to the beach or go for long walks. 

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