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2 Years

9 Pounds

Twix is a super sweet and gentle soul. He loves going on walks but is also very happy to relax at home. The highlight of his day is cuddle time right next to a person or dog sibling.  His friendly demeanor makes him a joy to be around. His mellow nature makes him a perfect companion for anyone, including kids and other pets. Twix walks well on the leash and is great during car rides. He is a HUGE FAN of ice and will dance for ice cube treats. He is happy sleeping in his foster mom's bed. Twix enjoys going with his doggy friends to the park to play or go for a longer walk. He is a major cuddle bag and can easily be found right by his human. Twix will even run up onto the couch to cuddle right in her lap! Twix is ultimately happy if his family is happy, so he is eager to please his humans and remain in their arms all day. This is easy to do since he is so sweet and light! If you are looking for a smaller dog to take to the park and cuddle, then Twix is your guy.

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