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6 Years

11 Pounds

Colleen, who we’ve nicknamed Coco, is a little bit guarded and fearful with new people but once she becomes comfortable around you she is very lovable and sweet. She responds well to being held, cuddled and kept close. She is energetic and curious. She walks well on the leash and is a good, not picky eater. She’s house trained, doesn’t chew things, is not destructive and doesn’t bite. She’s playful but doesn’t really care for toys. We are working on teaching her basic commands. She only barks occasionally, usually when she feels directly threatened. She is not afraid of loud noises but tends to be fearful of large dogs and will recoil with sudden hand movements. She can get along with other dogs and children. She has some separation anxiety and would be best in a home where someone will be with her most of the day.

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