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10 Years

10 Pounds

Tyler is a gentleman that loves all people. He loves short walks around “his park”. He is great on a leash, doesn’t pull. He can be dog reactive, but is easily redirected or distracted. 

He is being fostered in a home with cats and seems to mind his own business. In fact, he avoids eye contact with the cats and prefers his human’s company. 

Lately, he loves napping on the back of the couch just like a cat! At night, he loves to sleep on the bed and will usually stay in one spot near the end of the bed all night. 

He is very smart, house trained and only took one day to learn the layout of his new foster home! He was able to find the patio door, his food and water bowls, and learn the location of his leash very quickly. He can go up and down stairs just fine, but his foster parents often carry him to ease the stress on his knees. 

When alone, like most dogs Tyler can bark at the people walking by the windows, but he is easily redirected using a pet cam. His foster Mom says “Calm down” and just hearing a familiar voice seems to get his attention and he usually walks back to his napping spot to settle down. 

He does well in car and loves to look around. He’s eating wet food twice a day and loves a bit of peanut butter as a treat. 

As far as grooming, his fur is thick and he would benefit from regular baths and brushing.

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