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10 Years

12 Pounds

Snickers is a very sweet and gentle old lady who loves to snuggle and play. Although she is older, she shows a lot of affection towards people and has been caught playing with younger pups. Snickers is very easy to care for as she is trained to potty outside (although she may occasionally have accidents that come with her age). Thankfully, she is in great health! Snickers shows no aggression to other dogs or people when on walks, and at most will yap at other dogs passing by. She can often be found curled up in her doggy bed or just a few feet away wagging her tail. Speaking of, Snickers has a wonderful tail wag that always seems to boop a dog or two in the face. She is that eager to show her family her happiness! Because Snickers is such a gentle girl, she is very easy to groom, feed, walk, and love. She gets along great with other dogs and people, and has been a trouble-free addition to our pack of Pomeranians. All in all, Snickers is a very affectionate and gentle dog, looking for a forever home with parents just like her.

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