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2 Years

5 Pounds

Merlot is an extremely active pup, super lovable, and full of happiness. She loves to play with toys all day long. She is learning commands and is learning very quickly. She is still potty pad training and is doing great (though she will have to learn the potty schedule in her new home). Merlot is not a fan of being picked up quickly, so if her forever home does have children, they are older, dog-responsible children. Her foster has noticed that she doesn't like when small children approach her. She may give a growl when they approach her as she really does not like fast, jerky movements or hands in her face. Merlot does well with cats and dogs. Merlot is a wild child and is not afraid of anything. She enjoys long walks and will do anything for treats. Merlot loves to sleep close to her person and will cuddle with you until the sun comes up and it's playtime.

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