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2 Years

7 Pounds

Nestlé is a sweet ball of energy!  When she's not snuggling with her foster mom, she loves to play with her foster siblings and toys.  She also enjoys letting you know when she wants attention by doing sweet little barks.  She would not be ideal for a family looking for a quiet and calm dog. Nestlé is great in the car and loves to join her family on adventures.  She will jump and dance when she knows it's time for walkies!  She also knows how to potty outside, but will need her new family to show her where she can do her business. Nestlé is eager to impress her family and will sit nicely for treats and pets.  

Nestlé enjoys making new friends and playing all day.  She would do well in an active home or one with additional fur siblings for her to wrestle with.  Nestlé has moderate luxating patellas and will eventually require surgery, but that does not stop her.  She currently shows no sign of discomfort or limitation in movement.  Her new family will need to consider and anticipate this surgery as it will get worse as she ages.  

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