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7 Years

5 Pounds

Becky is an energetic girl who does well living with other small dogs. Nicknamed ‘Pinpin’, which is Japanese for ‘lively’, she will spend her time zipping around the house and satisfying her curiosity. Be sure to keep anything dangerous off the ground, as she will likely get her paws into it. If she gets attached to you, she will follow you around and curl into a little doughnut next to/on top of you when you sit down. She may also get jealous for attention if there are babies or infants around. Being very tiny, it’s best to handle her with care as she can easily get under you as you walk or sit. She is well trained and can do a variety of tricks including ‘spin’ and ‘roll over’. She’s also easy to walk, but you must be sure to have a harness that fits her as she will zip around from tree to tree like a fur missile or yap at other dogs. She is house trained to potty on pads, and will typically wait for her next walk to poo. Although she does have a bit of separation anxiety, she does well if she has a small companion dog to keep her company.Becky does not shed much, is easy to groom, and is in great health with no major behavioral problems, making her an easy companion. All in all, Becky is a very sweet and friendly dog, looking for a forever home with parents just like her.

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