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Piña Colada


6 Months

12 Pounds

Piña Colada is a very sweet, playful, and energetic puppy. She loves going to the dog park to play with other dogs. She is still a bit awkward and figuring out how to keep playing with other dogs, but she does like to initiate play. She is quick to run with other dogs when they get going at the park. Piña really likes people and is quick to bond with her human in the house. She is working on having alone time because she will bark and whine when her human leaves or is in another room. Piña does well with clear, enforced boundaries for training purposes and responds well to consistency. She is doing well with crate training, but it takes her a minute to calm down and realize it is bed time or independent time. Piña knows the "sit" command and how to walk on a leash. She is the type of girl you would take for hikes, trips to the beach, for runs, or really any other big adventure. Piña would love to go for a roadtrip and get her energy out doing lots of activity. She would do well in a home with kids because of her sweet nature and high energy. Piña likes to lay next to her human while she works, and she is content to nap nearby. She is quiet in the home and will explore the house. She is still learning how to play with toys and fetch. Piña will follow other dogs in the house to see what they are up to, but has not started to play with them quite yet. 

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