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4 Years

12 Pounds

Say hello to Bacardi! Bacardi is very mellow, plays very gently, does well living with other small dogs, and is always excited to see you return home. Nicknamed ‘Kage’, which is Japanese for ‘shadow’, he will follow you around the house and always want to be near you. He’s extremely sweet and will lay on your lap or snuggle next to you. However, once you grab his food or leash, he’ll jump and wag his tail. He’s very easy to walk, doesn’t pull much, and will follow you if you gently tug his leash. He does bark at other dogs, but his foster parent is currently working on training him. Thankfully he has a fairly soft bark. If left alone at home, he’ll quietly wait for your return, though he may bark if someone passes near your door. Bacardi is trained to pee outside and will go potty on walks, but he will need to learn the routine in his new home. He’s very well-behaved in his crate and will go in it at night if you open it. 

Bacardi has grade 3 patellas that do not require surgery at this time. This mainly means he is better suited for a chill, lowkey home where he can get lots of attention. He is naturally fluffy, so it is recommended to gently comb his fur daily and to give him a monthly trim followed by a bath to keep him and the house clean. He’s well-behaved when his foster parent comb, trim, or bathe him. All in all, Bacardi is a very sweet and gentle dog, looking for a forever home with parents just like him.

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