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3 Years

11 Pounds

Brandon is a happy boy! He LOVES going out for walks and running around the dog park. Brandon will spin and bark at you in a playful way any time you leave the house but settles down after a little while. He may nibble at your toes too when you try to leave because he wants to pull you back in at home with him. He is content following his foster mom around the house and napping. He has not shown much interest in toys but definitely likes treats. Anything with cheese or cheese-flavored he is a huge fan of. He is good on a leash and in the car. Brandon likes to play chase and always thinks you are playing when you walk after him. He is pretty indifferent to the other dogs in his foster home and is mainly concerned with hanging out and being with his family. Brandon is looking for a home where he can be taken on regular outings like walks and the dog park. He is a social man and likes to have his nose to the ground when he is out and about. He is sweet and enjoys getting back and head scratches. 

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