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4 Years

9 Pounds

Say hello to Hermes, the turbo furbro! Hermes is a dog’s dog. If you’ve ever watched a movie about a mischievous but lovable pooch, then you’ve seen a movie about Hermes. He has three main traits: playful, friendly, and energetic! While on walks, he will beg for attention when walking past other people. Speaking of walks, it will be important to take him on long walks that satiate his curiosity and burn his energy. He also loves to play a lot and has turned some of his toys into cotton clouds. Hermes will need a home with people who can play with him each day, otherwise, his excess energy may cause him to chew on your shoes or steal your food. He is partially pad-trained but will need continued reinforcement to solidify his training. Grooming is new to him, so he’s still getting used to brushing his teeth and fur. He loves people more than other dogs and has a strong instinct to food guard. Even with all his shenanigans, Hermes is an easily lovable dog, and it’s hard to believe he almost didn’t make it safely out of the shelter he was at. All in all, Hermes is a loving dog, looking for a forever home with loving parents just like him.

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