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2 Years

4 Pounds

Tonya is a sweet and affectionate Pomeranian. She is incredibly loving and will tippy-tap to show her family how excited she is to get some pets. Tonya is great at giving kisses and is happy hopping around in various beds as her human moves about the house. Tonya was saved from the Korean meat trade where she was living in tight, inhumane quarters with severely deformed legs and intense matting. Unfortunately, her coat was not able to be saved, but she has had a double patella surgery! She is walking very well in her current foster home and does not appear to have further pain or weakness in her legs. Tonya would love to be a purse dog where she is spoiled with endless sweaters and cuddles. She rides well in the car and is happy to sleep in a crate or on a dog bed at night. Her foster mom leaves the crate open and she'll hop between that and her bed throughout the night. Tonya is potty pad trained and will go potty outside if her foster mom puts her there right after meal time. She is not the biggest fan of the leash but prefers to be held when she goes anywhere outside. Tonya is very tiny, so she is looking for a home where she can get tons of cuddles and have experienced adopters. She would not do well with small children or big dogs. 

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