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5 Years

17 Pounds

Godiva is the epitome of sweetness and love. She loves being with her family and is content to nap right alongside her foster mom. She is not meant to be in a house with children because she loves to tease and be teased, but her play bites can be rough for a child. So, she would be better for teenagers. She LOVES to play and is always trying to engage her senior foster dog. She’s super fast when playing fetch!

Godiva had a very large kidney stone removed which was previously causing her immense pain and was there due to extreme neglect by her previous owners. Her bladder is finally getting used to having normal functions, so she does go potty frequently. She is unable to hold her potty for long periods, so a person who is gone for long hours or has a lot of carpet would not be ideal. This is something that will be less frequent in the future as she strengthens her bladder and gets used to having normal function. She may be prone to kidney stones in the future. Godiva has a sweet, gentle and understanding demeanor along with an overwhelming love for her humans. She really is an easy, loving girl who would be ideal for a lowkey home with or without another playful dog.

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