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Celine Dion


10 Years

10 Pounds

Celine is a feisty girl who will do anything for treats. She loves to be around her person and gets sad when she is alone for long. Celine will bond with one person and put all of her trust into them. She is good with adult, calm dogs and cats. Celine has a strong personality and may challenge you to see what she can get away with, so she is looking for a home with a trusting and firm owner and who has dog-owning experience. She is potty trained in her foster home to go outside on a walk, but she will have accidents at first in her new home until she knows the routine. She has recently gone to the vet to get medication for joint pain and this has improved her temperament. Despite her bad hips and knees, she loves being outdoors. Celine enjoys sniffing and taking her time outside. She also loves to play and will even bring over a toy to let you know she's ready to play. Celine has lots of personality to offer to her forever home and is looking for one where she can play and get treats, and where she can enjoy the outdoors at her leisure.

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