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3 Years

5 Pounds

Prosecco 3 years old 5lbs. While he is a little guy the attitude is BIG! He is the star of the show and wants to be pampered with belly rubs and cuddles on his terms. He does suffer from separation anxiety so is looking for a patient home preferably where he won’t be left alone for extended periods of time. He likes being an only dog and loves the attention from humans on his walks. Prosecco will get jealous of other dogs in the home and he may act out as a form of protest. Prosecco is good on the leash and trained for potty pads and also will wait to go outside. However, he can get a little grumpy when it comes to being groomed or touched out of nowhere. With a coat that beautiful he will require plenty of grooming. While absolutely adorable Prosecco is high-maintenance and will require ongoing training to overcome his separation anxiety and feistiness. Prosecco likes treats and will do a twirl! He would make an excellent companion for a home without other dogs and with an experienced adopter. Prosecco wants the world to revolve around him, so he will need a firm and confident owner to establish boundaries and rules in their home so that he can be a happy, well-trained dog. He is not fit for a first-time adopter or one with small children.

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