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Maya Angelou


4 Years

5 Pounds

Meet Maya Angelou, the best 5lbs you can gain! This pretty girl truly has a big heart full of love. She is very gentle and friendly towards everyone she meets, but when she finds her one perfect human, she will be by your side through thick and thin. Even with a crowd of people, she will always choose to be next to her human. Loyalty is her middle name!

Activity level: She can be very mellow, making her a perfect companion for relaxing days and quiet, cozy nights in. She loves her own bed with her favorite squeaky baby and blanket. She enjoys going on short walks but prefers to be in a fenced grass yard playing fetch or getting daily belly rubs in!

Training: She is still getting familiar with leash training, but is making great progress every day. Maya has been doing very well with potty training. She understands to go potty outside or on puddle pads. She gets a little potty shy, so it’s best to give her some privacy!

Social: She loves people the most! She has a very sweet soul towards all, including cats and small dogs. Larger dogs tend to frighten her a bit. She does well in quiet and calm surroundings. She gets confused and anxious if left alone, so if you work from home or want a pup to take to the office, Maya is your girl.

Maya is looking for a best friend and family to enjoy life with. She’ll fill your life with unconditional love, happiness, and unwavering loyalty!

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