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2 Years

12 Pounds

Tootsie is an incredibly sweet and cuddly Pomeranian. He enjoys going for walks and car rides. Tootsie really loves to be near his human and is quick to hop on the couch and cuddle with his family. He is very sweet to all dogs and people. Tootie shows his love for his family with tail wags, hops, and jumping on his back two legs. He is a MEGA FAN of ice and goes absolutely wild for it whenever his foster mom gets her morning coffee. He will dance for ice and then get zoomies once he is given the ice cube! Tootsie does great at the dog park and is happy to run around sniffing everything. He currently lives in a home with other dogs and is learning how to play with them, and he is doing great! He can be shy at first but blossoms into a very affectionate and sweet dog as he gets comfortable. Tootsie will bark while he plays or if something startles him outside but is quick to calm down when his foster mom corrects him. He can be a slow eater at first but has a good appetite as he gets comfortable. He sleeps in his foster mom's bedroom on a dog bed at night. Tootsie would do well as an only dog or with other dogs, and he would do well in a home with children. He is a good, sturdy size, and he is down for any and all adventures so long as he is with his family. Tootsie loves cuddling in his foster family's bed in the morning, and is happy to hop in for a daily nap as well. He is very snuggly and would work well for someone looking for a well-mannered, kind dog to be with them all of the time. 

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