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Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday or “Gotcha” Day

There are so many ways to celebrate your fur baby on their special day- whether you choose to do so intimately, through social media and/or with other family & friends. At the end of the day, it’s all about understanding what makes your dog happiest.

If your dog is still new to socializing and enjoys staying at home, you can make their day extra special by spoiling them with their favorite toys, foods and treats. TJ Maxx is a great place to find fun toys your dog will love at a discount. For a wide variety of quality treats and yummy baked goods, check out Woofpak Kitchen (located in Tustin & Irvine). They also offer birthday cakes for your pups at their Irvine Spectrum location. You can also check our Jackboy’s Dog Bakery in Anaheim and Corona- known for their all-natural doggy cakes, cupcakes, and gourmet handmade treats. Clear out your calendar and take time off work to spend the day with your pup. You can take them on a fun long walk around the neighborhood or local park and fit in some fun birthday photos along the way.

If you enjoy social media, maintaining an Instagram or Facebook account for your dog is a good way to organize and share all of their photos with loved ones. You can even host a virtual party for your dog by asking their Instagram followers to take themed photos using the hashtag that you come up with. For instance, when Bon Bon turned 10 this past August, we asked his friends to share their best Hawaiian surf-themed photo with the hashtag #hang10withbonbon . Likewise, when Pixie turned 5 this past September, her photo theme was flowers with the hashtag #pixiesfloral5th. You can also plan a fun themed photo shoot for your dog, either with your own camera or through a professional portrait studio. You can check out The Salty Dog portrait studio in Costa Mesa if you are interested in booking a session for your dog. I’ve worked with the photographer several times, and her work is great!

If your dog enjoys going out and meeting other fur friends, you can take them to their favorite restaurant or even host an in-person party with friends, family, and other dogs. Take them out to their favorite dog park/beach and get them lunch or dinner at one of their go-to spots. Park Bench Café in Huntington Beach is a great restaurant for brunch or lunch with your dog. They are located within Huntington Beach Park, which offers plenty of space for walking your dog around as you wait for your table. They also offer a nice dog menu with chicken, burger patty & hot dog options. Lazy Dog Café is a great dinner spot that offers a menu with selections for you dog, including their yummy chicken, veggies and brown rice plate. You can also host a full on party for your dog. For Bon Bon’s 10th birthday, we went big and reserved a space at Zoom Room Dog Training in Huntington Beach to celebrate with family and friends from the Southern California Pomeranian Meetup group.

These are just some of many ideas to celebrate your fur baby on their birthday or gotcha day. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that it’s a good fit for both you and your dog. Happy planning!


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