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Summer Safety Tips for Your Dog

With the grass getting greener, the wind getting warmer, and the sun beaming down upon us, it’s finally time for barbecues, trips to the beach, and spending time outside enjoying the best weather of the year.

It is that time of year where you may have more energy to get outdoors and can spend more time with your floofy companion. Here are some summer safety tips on how to keep your pom cool during the hotter season of the year.

Dog Booties

The sand, asphalt, and concrete get hot!! When the temperature picks up and that sun is just out and beaming, bear in mind that the ground can get too hot for your Pomeranian to walk on without the proper protection.

dog booties from Amazon for walking and hiking made with breathable material

This could be very uncomfortable and lead to pealing and burned paw baps. A little tip on how to know if the cement is too hot is to count 10 Mississippis, and if you can't keep your hand on the floor that long, the floor may be too hot for your pom to walk on.

There are so many booties you can find that are good for various activities, like the Lukovee booties that are good for walking AND hiking activities. I recommend ones that are made of breathable material that can withstand all outdoor activities (wet and dry) while still letting their paws get the necessary air circulation.


You can't talk about summer safety without stressing the importance of keeping hydrated. Water is incredibly vital to having a healthy Pom! These living creatures should always have water, especially in the summer. Dehydration is not a comfortable feeling: their noses get dry, they lose their appetite, and can have dry mouth. Our poms should always have water in their bowl to drink at all hours of the day.

If your pom is a messy drinker, I recommend using a water absorbant mat underneath that can prevent water from getting on the floor and causing a slip hazard.

One thing you should always have while on a walk water for your dog. Some people attach a collapsible bowl or dog water bottle to their leash to make carrying it easier.

Cooling Towels

Dogs get cool from the bottom up, wiping their paws after a walk will not only keep them clean but if it's a fresh wipe it can feel fresh for them. If you notice your pom really hot run a towel under cool water squeeze out all excess water and let them lay on it until they feel cooled off. Or, you can purchase a cooling mat. The Microcosmos mat is inexpensive and works wonders for your dog in the hotter months.

Frozen Treats

Is your dog more of a treat fan? If your pup is panting hard after an outdoor activity, but their belly is cool, consider having frozen treats on deck. Either sweet or refreshing is a go, so consider Rover's 8 Homemade Frozen Dog Treats for Cool Snacking All Summer Long.

Brush that Pomeranian

I'm sure most of you are very good at brushing your pom's fur; it's the most time-consuming but at the same time rewarding experience when you see the floofy masterpiece after a good brush-through. Leading to the summer, your Pomeranian may be shedding more than usual, but this is completely normal. During winter, they grow a thicker coat that keeps them warm during this season. Luckily, during the summer, they naturally shed this coat to make way for their summer coat, which helps them stay cool during the best season of the year… summer!

Regularly brushing their fur before it gets warmer would be your best bet in maintaining their healthy coat and from preventing loose fur from being in your home. We recommend you brush your pom's fur 2-3 times a week during the time they shed this coat to make sure your home won't have tumbleweeds of fur all over the place and to make it easier to help your pom get rid of this coat.


One thing I'm sure many people are unaware of is the importance of sunscreen in protecting your dog from sunburns. You may ask, really? They can get sunburns just like us? Yes, especially dogs with light coats or with exposed skin.

Applying the sunscreen on your pom is just as easy as putting it on yourself. All you have to do is generously spray it on them and massage it down into their skin. When applying sunscreen to the face, we do not recommend you directly spray it on their face. Yes, the sunscreen is safe, but we do not want it getting in their mouth or eyes. When applying it to the face, we recommend you put a generous amount of sunscreen on your hands and apply it gently on their face, ensuring they get everything so they don't get any sunburns this summer. 


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