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Can I Shave a Pomeranian?

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Pomeranians are easily recognized by their fur - it is soft, fluffy, and thick. They have what is called a double coat: a dense, soft undercoat beneath a long outer coat. A Pomeranian’s two-layer coat is amazing to run your hands through and even more fun to style. Some people like to have a groomer cut their Pomeranian’s hair in the teddy bear shape, like a lion, or in the traditional style. I know, they are SO cute after a fresh cut! But have you ever heard of people saying to not ever shave a Pomeranian’s coat?

Well, they’re not wrong!

Pomeranian’s were born perfect, and I don’t think it will take much convincing for you to believe me. Their double coat serves many purposes, but overall, the state of their fur coincides with their health. Let’s explore why!

Regulating Body Temperature:

According to, a Pomeranian’s double coat is how they regulate their body temperature. In the hot seasons, their double coat keeps in cool air and prevents them from overheating. Dogs do not sweat like humans, but they sweat out of parts that are not covered by fur, so that would be their paw pads, nose, through panting, etc. In the cold seasons, their double coat keeps heat in and prevents them from freezing. According to Dogs & Clogs, shaving Pomeranians to cool them down is actually a myth! Rather, Hyperthermia and Hypothermia are real dangers to Pomeranians, especially in places where they get more extreme temperatures. Not to mention, Pomeranians are susceptible to sunburns, no matter the climate. Their double coat insulates their body for healthy body temperature regulation.


There is a difference between deshedding and shaving a dog. Deshedding can be performed by your groomer, where they remove loose hairs from their undercoat that would normally be sucked up by your vacuum. It is very normal for a dog to drop fur every season as the temperature fluctuates. I usually take my dogs in to be deshedded around the time that the seasons change. According to Dr. Jerry Klein, shaving a dog does not eliminate shedding, and this can be very detrimental to your dog’s health. Shedding really is not an issue if you brush and groom them regularly, kind of like how humans need to shower and brush their hair regularly. Overshaving can actually result in your dog having Alopecia, which is where their fur just does not grow back. This is very common in breeder dogs, who get their back ends shaved frequently, and this is also common in dogs who have gotten lion cuts repeatedly. If shedding is an issue for you, invest in a lint roller or do your research on hypoallergenic dogs, like poodles, malteses, and yorkies who have hair and not fur. Though, do be sure to recognize that hair has different care needs.

A Pomeranian’s double coat is more than a beautiful, floofy mess of hair, but it is how they are able to regulate their body temperature and protect themselves from sunburns. You can learn how to prepare for season changes or groomer visits, but your dog cannot have the best quality of life with a shaved coat.

What are the best areas for a Pomeranian to get trimmed?

As long as the style you are going for does not entail them getting shaved and exposing their skin, it is safe for your dog. The parts of your dog that need regular grooming are around their paws, butt, and eyes. Overgrown hair around their paws may cause them to slip more often and potentially hurt themselves falling off of something slippery. Nobody likes a nasty booty, so make sure to have your groomer do a sanitary cut around their butt area to prevent dingleberries and smelliness. The eyes are also a place that should be cleaned up so that any hardened tear stains and overgrown hair is removed.

Treat yourself AND your Pom with a spa day - get your nails done, hair trimmed, and accessories blinged out. A Pomeranian’s fur gives them the sass and pom-itude that we have all grown to love, so opt for a teddy bear or traditional hairstyle the next time you visit the groomer. Your Pom will love you all the more for it!


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