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Top 5 Dog Friendly Restaurants

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Chow time!! Leaving your dog at home is never easy so consider taking your fur baby out with you for a nice meal! You will definitely feel your pet’s contagious excitement as you embark on the upcoming food adventure and need to prepare yourself for the inevitable compliments on your adorable companion/dinner date. Here’s a few dog-friendly restaurants around Orange County for humans and animals alike to enjoy:

Huntington Beach and San Diego, CA

American Fare

This sports bar advertises itself as bacon, burgers, and beer so it is bound to be a great spot to watch upcoming games with your group of friends without leaving your dog at home! Your dog can even have the first two on that list as Slater’s offers a doggy menu that ranges from strips of bacon or chicken strips to turkey or beef burger patties.

Huntington Beach, CA inside the Shorebreak Hotel (Floor 2)


Dog owners can never go wrong with the unique food choices and cocktails on the menu here. More excitingly, this restaurant also has a menu section with pups as its intended audience. Order your pet chicken and rice, fish and sweet potato, or beef and veggies as you sit back and enjoy the beach. Additionally, your dog eats free for Sit, Stay Sundays if you order more than $15 after 3pm!

Brea, Orange, Irvine, and Corona, CA


With a name like Lazy Dog, you can bet dogs are welcome on the patio here! This place offers water bowls and menu items like rice, chicken, or a hamburger patty just for your furry date. For humans, the place has american fare food and a nice bar menu for you to lounge and socialize with your friends while your dog is most likely doing the same.

Laguna Beach, CA

California Beach Cuisine

Here’s a cool spot for beach side views, a variety of food, and a charming menu for your dog specifically. While you can get a taco or burger entree for yourself, your dog has the option between chicken and rice, oatmeal, snacks, and even prime rib! Everyone is sure to enjoy their meals and overall ambiance at The Cliff.

Dana Point, CA


This is prime SoCal. What’s better than enjoying craft beer and your dog’s company? Shwack’s appetizers are delicious and your dog will think the same of the various dog treats and water bowls available to him or her.

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