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Top 8 Holiday Activities for You and Your Pup

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

I don’t know about you, but my dogs always know it is the holiday season by the influx of treats and toys coming into my house. My Yorkie even knows when I am carrying toys by the look and smell of a shopping bag! She starts to dance and her tail absolutely goes wild. As the holiday season gets in motion, you may be looking for ways to include your pets in holiday activities. Strap on their santa boots and ugly sweater, and read below for some fun things to do with your pet during the holiday season.

Christmas Lights Walk. According to RedBarn, you should take your pup to the nearest Candy Cane Lane or Christmas Tree Lane for an evening walk amongst the lights. This is a great way for your pup to get some exercise! If it is too cold out for them, throw on a sweater and booties. A car ride through the neighborhood is a great alternative to walking. Crank the holiday tunes!

Hot Cocoa. One of my favorite things about the cold weather is getting hot cocoa from my local coffee shop. I love taking my dogs with me to get them a Puppuccino, which is just whipped cream in a small cup. They bark a symphony as they wait their turn!

Local Events. Whether you’re in Los Angeles or San Diego or Ventura, there are plenty of holiday themed events that you can bring your pup to. This year there are many drive through light events that you can watch and even participate in mobile scavenger hunts. Yappy Hours and Mutt Races are really fun events often put on by the community or local restaurants. Check out sites like or to look for fun holiday activities near you!

Pet Playdates. If you are already gathering with your family or friends to make gingerbread houses, have them bring their dogs too. Pet Care RX encourages owners to make dog treats or photograph your dogs in holiday outfits to definitely make the holiday special for everyone!

Visit Santa. Some stores, like Petsmart, get visits from Santa and you can bring your dog there to get a holiday picture. Bring some treats or a squeaky toy to help you get the most perfect picture.

Gift Exchange. Exchanging gifts with your friend? Include your pup too! Lucy & Co. has the cutest holiday sweaters and harnesses. They are perfect for those evening Christmas light walks! I also love the bandanas made by Camden Lane. Their “Too cute for the naughty list” bandana is such a mood.

Christmas Card. A sweater, some bows, and glitter - these are things that are a MUST in your holiday card! Some cute holiday backgrounds are at the beach, a park, or in front of your Christmas tree. Oh, and don't forget your ugly sweater! I usually book an appointment with Martha Pimentel Photography to take my holiday cards, because she is amazing at getting my dogs to look at the camera every single time.

Christmas Day. Wrap your dog’s gifts and hide them in special spots around your home for your dog to find on Christmas day. Some great hiding spots are under a table, in their dog bed, or on the stairs. It is so cute watching them eagerly sniff out their new toys and treats.

I hope this guide offers some fun holiday activities for you and your pooch! It makes the holiday so much more fun when you see your dog’s wagging tail and dancing paws. Not to mention, the blooper photos are hilarious!


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