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How to Socialize a Dog

Whether you are the owner of a puppy or an adult dog, it is never too late to socialize your dog! Dog socialization not only alleviates your dog’s anxiety and overexcitement, but it also makes it easier for you to trust your dog when they are exposed to a new situation. 

Dogs need to be socialized for many reasons, but most importantly, they have to learn to be trusting of new situations. Socialization is the process of introducing dogs to the world around them, whether that be people, cars or other animals. Dogs who haven’t been socialized are often skittish and fearful of new situations. Dog encounters, human encounters, noises and places may trigger an unsocialized dog to act panicky, overly excited, or aggressive. Their reaction to the outdoors stems from fear!

How can you alleviate nerves and build confidence in your dog? It requires patience and persistence! Dogs are happiest when they can interact, exercise and play with other dogs, and they need to be socialized to do this. Dog socialization means that they will spend less energy on being scared and more on having fun with their new buddies. 

To socialize your dog, bring them to a populated place (not overly populated if it’s super scary for your pup) so they can sniff, play and learn from other dogs. Reinforcement on these outings is key – make sure you bring treats and praise them for being so willing to try new things. As you build the relationship with your dog, they will learn to rely on and trust you, and over time introducing them to new situations will get easier. Also, remember that your dog feeds off of your energy. Remain calm and assertive when your dog is in a new situation, and don’t hesitate to continue to correct them with a light tug on the leash (or if they know a command) if they present a behavior that needs correcting. If they pull, bark, or walk behind you, get their attention back on you and maintain a steady walking pace. Treats help to redirect their attention on you and will build the habit of referring to you in new situations.

Tip: When first socializing your adult dog, try and stay away from dog parks, as these can be very stressful for them if they haven’t been exposed to many dogs from a young age. Instead of this, set up a doggie playdate with a friend. You can have them on leash walking next to each other so they become familiar in a non-territorial environment. If they are relaxed with each other, loosen the leash so they have more freedom and a mock off-leash situation.

If you try socializing your dog and remain patient and rewarding, they will likely become comfortable with new situations, people and animals as time goes on. If there is a certain negative reaction your dog has repeatedly that you can’t seem to fix, contact a dog trainer to see what tips they may have and don’t give up!


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