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The Best Toys for Small-Breed Dogs: Norman’s Toy Chest

Let’s take a peek into Norman’s toy chest! All of these toys are tested and approved by OC Pom Rescue’s very own hospice foster, Norman, and his fellow doggy friends. Norman loves to play fetch, tug-o-wa

r and keep away. Each toy has stood the test of time and is guaranteed loads of rough and tough fun!

1. The KONG Wild Knots Bear Tug Toy

This is Norman’s absolute favorite toy! This bear comes in a variety of colors and sizes, but XS is just right for this little PomChi to carry around the house. This little bear lasts through big and little tugs, chewing, licking, and biting. They hold up well in the washing machine too!

2. Fluff n Tuff

Norman’s favorite Fluff N Tuff today is the baby shark! Its shape is easy to carry and play tug-o-war with. Fluff & Tuff toys are made with high quality fabric and stuffing, so these little plushies are durable enough for plenty of playtime hours.

3. P.L.A.Y

P.L.A.Y has the cutest Under the Sea collection! Norman loves to flip flop these soft, but strong toys around with other doggie friends. All P.L.A.Y. toys are eco-friendly too!

4. Multipet Lamb Chop Squeaky Plush Dog toy

MULTIPET Lambchop comes in a variety of sizes! Norman’s favorite is the 10 inch one. Lambchop pays homage to the Shari Lewis 1960’s TV show featuring the Lambchop puppet. Lambchop is not only adorable, but she’s soft and cuddly. Norman likes to engage in a fun game of keep away with Lambchop.

5. ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz

Zippy Paws Skinny Peltz are no-stuffing plush dog toys that provide hours of fun! They come in a three pack of cute wildlife animal characters. Norman likes to play fetch with these little critters.

6. Wubba

The KONG Wubba comes in a variety of sizes and colors. The wubba is a fun, interactive tug and toss toy that is great for interactive or solo play. Its long floppy tails are ideal for shaking and tugging instincts, as well as games of fetch. Norman loves to squeak the Wubba to let me know he is ready for a game of tug and fetch!

7. Go Dog

Go Dog has the cutest, floppy dinosaurs and dragons that Norman is obsessed with. He likes to pile them up in his dog bed and lay on them. They are super soft and cuddle-worthy!

8. Jax and Bones

Norman loves to play fetch with the Jax and Bone Good Karma Rope Toys. They are hand tied and dyed with non-toxic vegetable dyes. And as he chews, the rope toys fray and act like doggie dental floss. You can find Norman sprinting after these toys and really going to town on the squeaker.

9. Modern beast

After a long day of playtime, Norman loves to fall asleep with his LAVENDER BEDTIME BEAR. Modern Beast toys have a simple design, which includes hiding a belly full of calming organic lavender that helps transition him from the “Normie beast” into a relaxing boy ready for a good night of sleep.

10. Barkbox

BarkBox is a fun monthly surprise that Norman gets so excited for! As soon as he sees the box arrive, he jumps, barks and does a little trot around the room. Every BarkBox Includes two Innovative Toys, two All-Natural Bags of Treats, & a Chew. Their monthly box is themed, which you immediately are surprised by when you open the box.


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