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What are the Best Ways for Your Dog to Get Exercise?

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Pomeranians are thought to be cute, fluffy pups who are carried around by their owners and treated like royalty. While this all may be true, like all dogs, Pomeranians still need exercise! This should be in the form of physical activity as well as mental brain puzzles. Exercise is especially important for channeling their energy in a healthy way, as they are a spirited breed. If you are experiencing bad behavior from your pup, it is important to make sure they are getting enough stimulation through exercise.

Toys, Toys and More Toys

The variety of toys for your Pomeranian is endless! Toys help to burn off energy and provide mental stimulation. Playing with your dog and toys should be about 20-30 mins. It is always important to watch your dog to make sure they do not ingest the toy that they are playing with. Here are some of my favorite options:

The classic tennis ball comes in smaller sizes to fit in your Pomeranian’s mouth. Fetch is a great game to play with this specific toy. Because they are learning something new while chasing after a ball, this will help your dog’s mind exercise as well as their physical activity.

The rope toy comes in different colors, lengths and varieties that will tickle your pup’s fancy. This is a great toy to play tug of war with. You hold one side of the rope while your dog’s mouth is on the other, and you pull back and forth. This is a great game to teach the command “drop it”. When you are done playing with your pup, have your arm go limp, to indicate you are done tugging, while you say “drop it”. When your Pomeranian let’s go of the rope, reward them with a treat! This game also helps build a bond between you and your dog.

Lastly, treat dispenser puzzle toys are a great mental workout for your Pomeranian. These curious pups are always sniffing around to see what’s going on. While it isn’t the best way to exert physical energy, providing them with a puzzle toy allows them to practice being alone which can help with separation anxiety. These toys hide treats inside different nooks and crannies that your Pomeranian will be determined to dig out. As the owner, you are in control of what treats are safe and enticing enough for your dog. These can be balls with small holes, snuffle mats, hollow rubber chew toys and much more.

Classic W-A-L-K

Walks are the classic form of exercise that we all associate with dogs! It’s a great way to get some fresh air and sniff around. Walks help your dog to learn about the world around them with new sounds and experiences. Maybe along your walk a car will drive by? Or maybe your Pomeranian will meet a new pup friend? Or maybe even be acquainted with new human friends? All of these experiences you won’t encounter staying indoors. Exposing your Pomeranian to these as a puppy will help them grow into a well rounded dog. Try exploring different routes each walk in order to add variety to your Pomeranian’s exercise routine. You should walk for about 20-30 minutes per day with your Pomeranian.

It’s important that Pomeranians are fixed with a properly fitted harness and not a collar. Because Pomeranians are susceptible to collapsed tracheas, you do not want a collar to put pressure on their windpipe during a walk. Unlike a collar, wearing a harness distributes the pull of the leash to the chest and will not concentrate on the trachea. Harnesses are available in a variety of different sizes, styles and colors. Bring your Pomeranian to your local pet store and check out their selection!

If you find yourself too busy to get your pom up on their paws, hiring a dog walker is a great option! While you are getting your tasks done for the day, your Pom is having fun exploring all the neighborhood sounds, sights and smells! You can easily find local, vetted dog walkers on or by downloading the free Wag! app on the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Written by Megan Crowley, from Wag!


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